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The passion between man and woman usually follows a precise parable. Initially, it is the physical attraction that brings men and women together. The man is attracted to the woman’s body and vice versa, and it will be the physical aspect to allow the first contact.

A lot of physical contacts always characterizes the beginning of the relationship, a lot of sex and time spent together, and it is very typical. The relationship is fresh, and the man wants to spend as much time as possible with his partner. Sex is good and intensely and both the man and the woman want to impress the partner with intense performances and to be able to give orgasms and beautiful moments.

With the passage of time, the relationship becomes much more “normal,” passions are shared, the character of the partner is analyzed, and sex is no longer seen as a fundamental part of the relationship.

This parable is standard but many people can not accept that the relationship has changed and they want to go back to having sex without worries, and that’s why many men and women have a lover.

In the seduction game, some accessories are used to provoke men and unleash hidden instincts. Many men love stiletto heels, sandals or boots, stockings or lingerie.

Why do women wear lingerie to excite their man?

The lingerie is explicitly created to enhance the body of a woman, showing off her forms, the butt, breasts, legs. Underwear is essential to seducing a man because it sends a clear signal, the woman is ready for sexual intercourse, and lingerie is seen as a sort of “preview” of sexual intercourse.

Furthermore, many lingerie models exploit transparencies to make women more exciting by showing something (for example, the shape of the breast) but not everything (the nipple for instance). The man loves to imagine the forms of a woman and transparent lingerie helps a lot his imagination.

There are many models of lingerie, from vintage to sporty and every woman can choose the style that makes her happier, confident and seductive.

What to think of a woman wearing lingerie to seduce?

That woman is strong and knows her femininity very well, knows how to seduce and what her strengths are. In the relationship it is essential to continue to attract the partner and to make him fall in love every day and wearing sexy lingerie can help create an evening together amazing.

A woman in lingerie is sending a clear message to her partner; she wants to seduce him and make the relationship more profound and more intense. The woman in lingerie turns and becomes a huntress; she is the one who manages the game of love.

Women must be encouraged to wear lingerie, choosing the most suitable model together with the partner can become a fascinating erotic game and a welcome gift.

Each designer has created different models of lingerie, every woman who knows her personality will surely find a model suitable for her.

The Meaning of Romance According to Cassinovas

When you look up the word romance, it usually relates to everyone’s word they want to here when they fall for someone: Love. Yet, romance is the expressive and pleasurable feeling from an emotional attraction towards another person. You can Google it and find many results relating to romance and you will find that it has a connection to love. Growing up I knew of one type of love and when I tried to find it it didn’t exist. I always thought that it was finding someone to share a life with and have a family. But I find love to be different than romance.

Being in love is a result of being romantic. In the old days, there was courting which turned into dating. There is difference in today’s world because my idea of courting is similar to my views of romance. It’s the gestures and experiences you share with someone to be able to fall in love. It’s more than going on a date because of a particular dating app. I think those are sex apps, with the exception of eHarmony. If you’re looking for a dating app where you want to find someone to have a romance with, I’m told that’s the best site. The compatibility measurements are none like any other as I’m told. I had a friend get married from that site. She said it was the best decision she ever made.

What I know romance to be is having those amazing experiences together. Whether it be your fantasy date, your idea of a perfect conversation, going on that perfect getaway escape, it’s about the memory you create where you share similar interests and chemistry. Some fantasies only work for others, you can never force it. Don’t always think because he’s has the perfect body or the perfect smile that he may be the one until you experience your fantasies with him.

Want to fall in love? Want to stay in love? Let the romance play out because then you’ll always be the closest you can ever get to another. This is only the beginning.

This is Cassinovas and you are about to enter my romance.